A savings account is a good place to keep money for a later date, separate from everyday spending cash, because of their safety, liquidity and interest-earning potential. These accounts are a great place for your emergency fund or savings for shorter-term goals. It allows you to route all your personal financial transactions in a secure and convenient way. The funds are available to be withdrawn at any time. The interest earned gets credited automatically to your account every year on quarterly basis.

Features of Savings Account:

  • A savings account comes with a passbook and cheque book feature.
  • You can receive payments and make payments from your savings accounts.
  • Auto debits and auto credits can be set up from your savings accounts.
  • Banks offer ATM cum debit cards to savings bank account holders.
  • A savings bank account earns low interest rate but allows the customer the freedom to withdraw funds at any time subject to a limit on monthly withdrawals.
  • It is possible to pay bills from your savings account linked ATM card.
  • Banks also send transaction alerts to their customers via SMS as a part of SMS banking services.
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