A small savings scheme introduced to encourage people to park their surplus small or big amounts of their choice. It is particularly beneficial for people like daily wage earners, shopkeepers and small traders. The customers needn’t come to our bank branches to deposit the money as it will be collected by our authorized Daily Deposit Agents at your doorstep. The deposit is to be maintained for a minimum period of one year and no withdrawal or closing of account is permitted within one year of opening the account.


  • Account opened in name of one person/ two person jointly.
  • Account in the name of minor below the age to 12 years to be operated upon by his/ her legal guardian.
  • Tenure of Account opened for the 12M, 24M, 36M or 60M as per customer convenience.
  • Interest on daily deposit account will be paid¬† on simple interest basis on the following rates
  • Period of Deposit Interest Rate
    12 2%
    24 3.5%
    36 3.5%
    60 4%
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